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About Us

We are a boutique career coaching and life coaching practice with offices in San Francisco and Berkeley. We can help you find a path that fits who you are and what you want in your career and your life. Our specialties include:
  1. Career Change – Finding the right career for you that feels natural and aligned with who you are.
  2. The Next Level – Taking your existing career to the next level of meaning and success.
  3. Life Coaching – Reconnecting you to your aliveness and confidence so you can more easily create the life you want.

Who We Are

We are warm insightful coaches that have helped hundred of people to love their work. Our success lies in our ability to help our clients discover their vision and authentic self and translate that uniqueness into a concrete direction in their career. We can help you integrate your quest for meaning and purpose with your desire for success and results. Read more about our strengths as a company.

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone has A Path That Fits who they are and what they want. We also believe that finding your path and living it enables you to maximize your contribution to the world. And that is a good thing for everyone. Our coaching process helps you align your values, strengths, and purpose with your career path to create sustainable success and fulfillment.

Meet Our Team

Adrian Klaphaak

Adrian Klaphaak, Founder

San Francisco & Berkeley Offices | Internationally via Phone & Skype

This company is my life's work. It's my path that fits. I've poured all of myself into creating the most effective and meaningful coaching programs possible because I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has A Path That Fits. I am committed to helping you find your path and walk it with mastery. Read my full bio

"My work with Adrian has been transformational, not only in my life as it currently stands and in making the decisions I've made since working with him, but in ways that shape who I am, what I do, and where I'm going in the future. I feel more confident in my career, more grounded in my choices, and more comfortable in my skin."
- Lauren, Composer, Berkeley
Read more of Adrian's testimonials
Daniel Fine

Daniel Fine, Partner

San Francisco Office | Internationally via Phone & Skype

Daniel Fine helps people see expanded possibilities for themselves, their lives, and careers. He has a unique ability to see a person's beauty and brilliance and call it forth into their life and work. Daniel embodied this ability in his award winning roles in his previous career as an actor, drew it out of his students as an acting teacher, and is now applying it to help his clients express their magnificence in their lives and careers. Read my full bio

"Daniel is a miracle worker. I think I am qualified to say that as I just attained the best job offer in a career I wanted but never thought was possible, and have an outlook of renewed hope and clarity. Not like what I doing before was bad - but it was just not ME. I feel like I am at the steering wheel again - I feel empowered to trust my intuitions, and know how to create a life that is authentically me and of my choosing! I always leave sessions feeling on top of the world, self-aware, and able to deal with the challenges of the day."
- Jimmy, Teacher, San Francisco
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Amir Kia

Amir Kia

Internationally via Phone & Skype

I've been shaped by multiple cultures, real world experience, and a steadfast spiritual practice. After graduating from Wharton and following an entrepreneurial itch that grew into a thriving assisted living business with a staff over 200 people and $115m in new developments, I found myself asking deeper core questions about meaning and purpose. Those questions led me to the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley where I studied and taught, and later to my work as a coach. Read my full bio

"When I started to work with Amir, I was in the midst of a huge personal and professional transition. My confidence often wavered. Amir calmly stayed with me in my vision and dream, empowering me to fully inhabit an inner confidence to grow. His capacity to listen from the heart to the heart is profound. Because of who Amir is, I am open with him and do not need hold anything back. He honors, empowers and celebrates my work, team, life and me. His coaching is full solid, rich, and inspiring. My work with Amir allows new doors to open and lets progress emerge. I love his voice. It is the voice of calm, quiet, loving presence that cuts through all the red tape that traps the soul into blind submission to choices that cannot serve, because they are mediocre at best."
- Linda, Founder and Executive Director
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Frank Ma

Frank Ma

Business Manager & Coach-In-Training

I came from a blend of opposite cultures. I grew up near Beijing, China, where at a young age I was taught the importance of discipline in approaching goals. I applied those principles in my study of business at UC Berkeley and to secure a job with a top-tier consulting firm. I thought I had made it. But the truth is, I worked myself hard to chase these never-ending goals, only to realize that I had more stress and less meaningful relationships than I had hoped. This idea of "happiness"ť was becoming more and more elusive. Luckily, I had a year off between school and work that allowed me to find myself. That changed everything, and ultimately led me to leave consulting to join A Path That Fits where I now help others, and myself, live their passions. Read my full bio

Our career coaching and life coaching offices are located in San Francisco and Berkeley for in-person sessions. We also coach clients via phone and Skype throughout U.S. and internationally.

465 California Street, Suite 612, San Francisco, CA 94104
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2915 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley CA 94703
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