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Testimonials for Adrian Klaphaak

"My work with Adrian has been transformational – not only in my life as it currently stands and in making the decisions I've made since working with him – but in ways that shape who I am, what I do, and where I'm going in the future. I feel more confident in my career, more grounded in my choices, and more comfortable in my skin."
– Lauren, Composer, Berkeley

"In less than a year, I went from procrastinating and agonizing over taking my next step, to putting myself out there and succeeding! Adrian is intuitive, positive, and doesn't waste time. His style is a great balance of "lets get things done" and also creative and exploratory. He seems to know when to focus on the concrete goals and when to explore our personal motivations and feelings. Go see him!"
– Julia, PhD Candidate, Psychology, Claremont Colleges

"Career coaching with Adrian was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Even after our first session I felt like I was moving in a positive direction. I felt that Adrian truly understood what I was looking for in my career quest, and through his insightful questions I was able to discover my true path. He set goals for me to keep me on track in my search, and offered empathetic and honest feedback. In just a few months I was able to make a career switch to the non-profit sector and I have never been happier!"
– Tracey, Membership Coordinator at San Francisco Baykeeper

"When I first met with Adrian in February '08 I was working at a job that left me feeling broken down, insecure, confused and in serious need of non-judgmental support and direction. I was in a bad space. Adrian was key to getting me through that stage of life. I only met with Adrian for 2 months but by our last session I had 2 really good job offers for great organizations. My life is back on track and I feel more balanced than ever in my life. My relationship with my fiancé is also stronger and happier now that I am in a job that works with my life."
– Amanda, International Development, San Francisco

"Adrian always uses our time together extremely well. By the end of each session, we get to the heart of the matter and come out with a plan of action. He maintains tremendous focus on my goals and my feelings about them, without letting the conversation stray or falter. Most importantly, he never imposes any kind of agenda or bias, but faithfully respects my process. I feel safe to make mistakes and move toward difficult issues. Through a series of small and large accomplishments, I find my overall lifestyle developing, my creative life bearing fruit, and my career path moving toward new horizons. As a facilitator or true internal and outward growth, I highly recommend Adrian."
– Kristin Cato, Playwright, Director

"I can't recommend Adrian highly enough. I've gone from confused and frustrated in my career to relaxed and purposeful. There's no dogma, no psychotherapy, no advice, just Adrian insisting that I continue to be true to myself by asking me the hard questions and accepting nothing but the truth in a kind and encouraging way. He is always on time, and totally consistent. After every phone call I feel revitalized and excited to continue with my work. Anyone who has questions about how to work in alignment with their heart of hearts could benefit from working with him."
– Rachel, Professional Dancer, Oregon

"Adrian has tremendously helped me identify my path and has given me the motivation to go for it. For a very long time, I have had the "stuck" and "I don't know what I am going to do with my life" feeling, however, after taking the 12 week career coaching group with Adrian, I feel like I have a path and a purpose to follow which feels right."
– Eve, Future HR Specialist, San Francisco

"To anyone mired in career-oriented uncertainty, I can't recommend Adrian enough. In just three sessions, he helped me regain my confidence, reignite my true passions, and get back on the right career path for me. Since March (when Adrian and I started working together) I've received four great career-building opportunities."
– Kay, Creative Entrepreneur, Fashion Design Teacher

"Faced with the worst economy in memory and the need to make a change, I reached out to Adrian for support based on his Yelp reviews and the content on his website. While both provide some insight into Adrian's skill and character, neither can do justice to the experience of working with this great man.

In a fearful time, Adrian coached me to find a new job in today's intensely competitive marketplace. The position matches my desires and needs. In my case, I did not make a major career change. I found a new job that capitalizes on my work experience and now I will show up as my fullest self. More importantly, we worked on recognizing patterns throughout my career and life that were destructive and came up with real world techniques to expand past them. Adrian's life coaching has been worth every penny.
– Peter, Project Manager, San Francisco

"In 2006, I hired Adrian as my life coach and career coach to help me find a new career path that would be a better fit for me. Adrian's career coaching helped me clarify my strengths and values and develop a vision of my ideal career. I finished up that round of career coaching after successfully finding a career path (and a job) that I still love three years later."

I hired Adrian for a second time about six months ago, this time as my business coach, with the intention of taking my career to the next level (the first time I worked Adrian as my career coach to help me find the right career path for me). The "Next Level" business coaching process helped me do just that. We started out by creating a clear vision for the next phase of my career that would inspire and challenge and engage me more fully. Next, we outlined a strategic plan, identified keys to success and translated it into action items. I now know where I want to go in my career and how to get there. Coaching has also improved my daily effectiveness and efficiency - I make more calls, have better time management skills, and I am more productive overall.

Adrian is an incredibly supportive business coach and career coach, but he also challenges me to stretch beyond what I would ordinarily do on my own. It works.
– Nils, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Oakland

"I started the career coaching process burnt-out by a corporate career that felt meaningless and restrictive. I knew it wasn't the right thing for me but I didn't know what else I could be doing that would be a better fit. A Path That Fits' clear-minded and distinct career and life coaching approach led me to find a way to apply my personal passions and strengths combined with my professional ability towards a career that realizes my full potential as a complete human being. I am excited (an at times scared) about my new career direction and life path, and confident that it is the right thing for me. I have already had an internship and started taking post baccalaureate classes. It feels natural and authentic."
– Natalie, Sustainability Consultant, Oakland

"When I began working with Adrian last fall, I had an idea about what I wanted, was in need of clarity around it, belief in it, and direction toward it. Adrian helped me rediscover what I knew to be true about myself - things that had been muddled by the expectations of the world. Once that work was done, the path was clear. Our sessions ended after a few months, and I left with a shining picture of my most wonderful self, a definitive plan (complete with a time line), and total confidence that my dream would be fulfilled. I felt light, free, and giddy - so much so that I danced a little jig in the street. It was weird. =)

If you are unsure of the steps that will lead to the life you envision--or better yet, if you don't yet even HAVE a vision--go see Adrian. He is an exquisite life coach and guide who will help you purge the garbage that's holding you back, and steer you around fears and obstacles until your goal is clearly in view. He is a fountain of wisdom, patience and compassion, with the resources and know-how to unstick the stuckness and send you skipping gleefully down YOUR path.
– Joy M, Life Coach, Berkeley

"Adrian is much more than what you will read about in his business description - beyond life coach / career coach, he is a life-changer. He has the ability to open his clients up in a way that allows them to look deep within at previously hidden truths to discover their true selves. In his very safe and natural manner, he brings to light the questions we must ask to get us on our path. Above all, he is patient, insightful, engaging and incredibly passionate about what he does."
– Lana, Business Development Executive, Los Angeles

"He's been helping me with my work ethic for about a year and a half now. This is seriously one of the best investments you can ever make for yourself. I don't know what id be doing now if it wasn't for him. I mean sure I'd still be in college trying to do my best but it wouldn't be the VERY best. I wouldn't have the standards I have now. This guy really helped me raise my standards. Freaking love this guy. Seriously a life changing investment."
– Lori Goodrich, Academy of Art Student, San Francisco

"Adrian was very quick to grasp what I thought to be 'my unique, complex situation'. He has a way of getting through RAPIDLY to the pertinent issues in order to form a strategy for developing solutions. I was pleased how quickly we moved from analysis to working on decision-making. What inspired me about Adrian is that he is very realistic and balanced, while offering confidence building and motivation. Adrian will help you see that you can be, do, or have what will bring you joy in your work. Oh and PS will help you get there :)"
– Tomi Barton, Marketing Strategist, Marin

"After helping me identify what direction I wanted to go in life, my business partner and I hired Adrian to be our business coach to help us identify what exactly we were hoping to get out of our new business and form a game plan to accomplish it all. We have now made more progress in the last two months by working with Adrian than in the last year before him! Seriously every time we leave a meeting with him we feel a strong sense of accomplishment and completely energized and clear about the tasks at hand."
– Lyle Barton, Global Business Development @ Mission Workshop

"I have traveled down many paths searching for one that fits. Adrian helps me realize, and remember when I forget, that my path exists for me as I create it, it's something that comes from within and is uniquely expressed by me to the world. The courage and strength I call on to take each step towards my goal is evolving buoyed by Adrian's incredible inquiries and transformational challenges. I literally googled "Life Coach San Francisco" and called A Path That Fits. I am incredibly grateful that I did!"
– Abby, Business Coach, Marin

"With Adrian's guidance, I reconnected to my creativity. Over the years, I've given up: ruled creativity out as something I wasn't "good at" or "meant to do." Adrian helped me understand my creative process, to untangle the frustration of aimless bouncing between hobbies, to reconnect to my passions, and to set goals I never thought were possible. Thanks to Adrian, I now am active in two creative endeavors, each with increasing success. (Just had my first show yesterday.)"
– Miriam, Artist and Teacher, San Francisco

"Adrian helps me sort out the opportunities before me and decide what is the best fit for ME - not anyone or any factor around me. He helps me to feel confident in my decisions and pushes me to make practical moves towards meeting my goals. I always leave our meetings with a sense of clarity and renewal."
– Eileen Roche, Advertising Producer and Freelance Photographer, San Francisco

"I recently lost my job and started questioning some other important things in my life. e.g. Where do I want to spend it? I was not stressed about the job. It was more to do with where am I in my personal life and was I hitting the goals that are most important to me. Luckily, I found Adrian (on Yelp) and now my life is back on track. We assessed my values and even rated each one and had a full discussion about them. It was incredible that after a few visits that I feel like I am headed in the right direction now. I highly recommend Adrian. He is so easy to speak with and does a fantastic job coaching!!"
– Bethany, Medical Sales, San Francisco

"It was so nice to work with a life coach like Adrian. He is an amazing listener, gives great advice and is extremely kind and honest. Adrian has such a down to earth personality, it was almost like I was receiving advice from a friend instead of a career coach. Through the homework and the sessions, I learned so much about myself and what I wanted and it was exactly what I needed to realize at the time. I am on the way to starting my new career path and couldn't be more excited. And I definitely couldn't have done it without Adrian!"
– Felicia, Fashion Designer, San Francisco

"Working with Adrian during a very important transitional time in my life was one of the best decisions I've ever made. More than an insightful, intelligent and intuitive coach, sitting in the presence of Adrian you cannot help but to be soothed and inspired by his kind thoughtful nature, unwavering attention and commitment to you achieving your goals, his level of professionalism and overall peaceful spirit. Every time I enter and leave his office I feel like my heart has been blown open and my passion for finding my path ignited! I would highly recommend working with Adrian to anyone who is looking to grow, live their best life, unearth their unique gifts, clarify and ground their passions, path and purpose!"
– Shayna, Psychotherapist, San Francisco

"Time spent with Adrian is a really good investment. I've been working with him for only a short time but I'm already seeing results and having more confidence and control in my life. Since this is all easier said than done, Adrian gives me 'homework assignments' to work on between sessions that help me step out of my box and actually practice the skills that I need to get me on the right path. It's all very action oriented and, even after my first session with him, I found that I was stepping out of my box and getting the results I wanted! There is not one wasted moment with Adrian. His approach is to the point and very solution oriented... you will feel like the person that you always wanted to be in no time!"
– Christine, Fashion Designer and Teacher, San Francisco

"I would highly recommend working with Adrian. His presence in my life over the past 8 or so months has been illuminating. I generally walk into his office feeling anywhere from ok to low, stressed to complacent; I leave his office feeling almost enlightened, with new insight into my world and more so into my self. I also feel encouraged, as if anything is possible."
– Amie, Sustainability Consultant, San Francisco

"Adrian helped me to examine what it was that I really wanted, and how to visualize that experience so that it was achievable and not so intimidating. His exercises helped to show me who I was… it gave me a new sense of gratitude and confidence within myself. If I could describe Adrian in two words they would be: positive light. This is exactly what he was in my life, a positive light that helped me to see what I could have, how I could get it, and what my life would be with it."
– Natalie Taylor, USF Student

"What would I do without Adrian? After quitting a miserable attorney position, I started down the path of self-assessment, and would probably still be walking in circles and chasing my own tail if it wasn't for Adrian's insightful guidance and direction. I recommend his services to everyone I meet who is at a cross-roads in life."
– Ava, Non-Profit Development Consultant, Los Angeles

"I'm not going to waste your time or bandy with words. If you think you need a coach, someone who can cut through the BS and help you realize your potential, I would highly suggest you give Adrian a call. I have undergone amazing changes in my life. Adrian has helped me give voice to some of my longest held beliefs and dreams, and gotten me on a plan to realize them."
– Jeffrey, Musician, Alameda

"I have been working with Adrian since about Nov 07. I can say it continues to be one of, if not the best, investments I have made. Adrian has offered me guidance and encouragement through this time in my life where I am trying to chase my dreams while also trying to survive. This is not an easy balance and often I feel frustrated. I highly recommend Adrian if you are young person confused about what you want from life and trying to find your authentic voice."
– Erin, Personal Trainer, Oakland

"Working with Adrian was fantastic and helped me tremendously. If you are feeling unfocused and stuck, he will listen to you and provide unbiased insights. His methodology is based upon sorting out your most important values and finding work that centers on them. He gives you homework to complete between visits that relates to where you currently are in your career search. Coaching helped me to soften my worries and winnow down my ideas into a workable plan."
– Matthew, Garden Designer and Landscape Architect, Berkeley

"Adrian has been instrumental in changing my life!!! He was always patient, intuitive, supportive and helped me move forward on the seed of an idea I always had in my mind, but felt "silly" for acting on. The visualization work we did together was so powerful and revealing about who I am, that once you uncover that knowledge, it's hard not to eventually find the path that fits!!! Adrian is the best life coach around, and anyone not feeling completely fulfilled in their current life and career owes it to themselves to contact him today!!!"
– Susan, Sales Vice President, San Francisco

"I was looking for a career change for about a year and wasn't sure how to go about making the change. When I found Adrian at A Path that Fits, I knew right away he would help me make the move to a career that works for me and my lifestyle. Changing jobs/careers can be very stressful and VERY scary, but Adrian melts away that stress and supports you in a manner that eases anxiety and pushes you to make a change for the good. I now work for an amazing company and I could not have done it without Adrian's help. I can't recommend him highly enough!!"
– Alison, Marketing Director, San Francisco

"Adrian is a gentle guide and life coach who reframes your own words so that you understand yourself better, and is adept at asking just the right questions to catalyze growth and spur self exploration. Additionally, his youth is an enormous advantage because he doesn't have an old school mindset regarding career paths. I have already referred him to friends and my husband - what a wonderful experience it was to work with Adrian."
– Jenn, Criminologist, Berkeley

"I am in the middle of trying to find a job and began working with Adrian Klaphaak about a month ago. I needed a career coach who could help me address the lack of motivation that was holding me back. I was not being at all productive. Adrian helped me develop the sense of confidence that has enabled me to become more productive. I feel happier now that I have a full plate of things that I am doing to improve my situation, and have already been more successful at turning leads into interviews. I look forward to each session with Adrian because I know that it will leave me feeling even more empowered. Adrian is a skilled career coach who has helped me adopt a new way of thinking."
– David, Product Marketing Specialist, San Francisco
According to Yelp, we're the top rated career coach and life coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also coach clients in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and beyond.
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