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Career Coach and Life Coach Testimonials
for Adrian Klaphaak

Adrian is currently on sabbatical from seeing 1:1 clients but he is available as your online career coach in the Online Career Coaching Program.

Please watch the following video to hear directly from Adrian’s clients:

Matt Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial Adrian's online program is totally unique and his approach is founded on the principle that your career should really just be another way to express yourself. I am deeply grateful to have found a more fitting career in brand management and I hope to start a business down the road.

I did spend a ton of time doing the online work -- about 4 months in total. I have NEVER done that much self-exploration before and I am really grateful that I did because it does take a lot of soul-searching to know thyself and figure it out. It is still a journey and I don't have a crystal ball, but I do feel that I am much clearer than before I worked with Adrian and A Path That Fits.

— Matt, San Francisco
Conrad Camit Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial After 15 years in the same career, I lost motivation and interest in my work. While I was very good at my job, I felt like I was missing passion and fulfillment.

I can tell you that after 3+ months using this career pathfinding program that my career outlook has never been better! I am currently going through a complete career change that I would have never dreamed about before I started this program.

The program helped me discover my true passions, strengths and align those to find out which career paths best fit. Even those fears and doubts I had melted away with the guidance and encouragement I found through the program… The online program was great for me because it was set up with tasks and assignments along the way, which is a format I prefer.

If you are contemplating a career change but don't know where to start, I highly recommend using this program! You can do what you love as your job and be awesome at it as well!

— Conrad Camit, San Francisco
Pete Erwin Career Coach Oakland Testimonial When I participated in Adrian's Online Career Coaching Program, the very act of engaging opened me to all sorts of job opportunities – almost immediately.

I evolved my career in a new direction, stepped into more of a leadership role, and simultaneously created more free time to work on my litany of personal projects.

The program tied me so intimately with my strengths, that it became deeply enlivening and exciting as that view of myself became clear. The process was like lifting the hood to examine just what I am made of as a passionate being. Thank you Adrian!

— Pete Erwin, Oakland
Romi Jordan Career Coach Los Angeles Testimonial First off - Adrian is wonderful! I went to Adrian when I knew I wanted to make a career change and lacked clarity of what exactly I wanted to pursue next. Adrian helped me explore my passions, strengths, etc. With our findings, we were able to narrow down what careers would be most fulfilling. For me, it was a relatively quick process - I went from sales to an events team in marketing. The transition has been smooth, and I have Adrian to thank! He genuinely cares about his clients. I highly recommend Adrian for career coaching!!

— Romi Jordan, Los Angeles
Ben Shapero Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial Wow, what can I say? After a few unfulfilled years in corporate sales, I was at the end of my rope with what to do next. I had even switched jobs, taken a year off to travel, and seen other career folks who gave me solid advice but not the right guidance.

I came to the conclusion that if Adrian's coaching process worked it would be the best money spent, and that it was!

Adrian helped me silence all the 'noise' from the outside world and focus on what was true to me. With this power I was able to work through old patterns and define a new career that is more fulfilling and fits my lifestyle much better.

— Ben Shapero, San Francisco, www.blacklinerealty.com
Matt P Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial The online career coaching program is uncanny in how it predicts your feelings and the stages you'll go through but is also flexible if you get to one point earlier or later than most.

It's amazing how clear things look now and I shudder to think how much time I wasted before finding A Path that Fits!

— Matt Pecevich, San Francisco
Nils Ratnathicam Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial Almost 10 years ago, I worked with Adrian to help me find a new career path. Adrian's coaching process helped me clarify my strengths and passions and develop a vision of my ideal career. I left my old job and began my new career and I couldn’t be happier. My new career is a perfect fit for me and I’m now in the top 1% of professionals in my field. I’m grateful for all of the success I’ve had and the amazing lifestyle it supports.

— Nils Ratnathicam, San Francisco
Alexis Ramirez Sacramento Career Coach Testimonial Since Adrian was booked and not accepting new clients, I chose the online career coaching program offered through A Path That Fits. I was a bit skeptical at first, since I was looking for one on one coaching, and did not think that I could get results with a self guided program. This was not the case! I found the online career coaching program to be engaging and enlightening.

The online career coaching program offered a ton of resources and activities and was an incredibly interactive process. This program helped me identify my strengths, passions, and gifts that I can use to help guide my career path. I have since taken what I have learned about myself and applied it to finding volunteer opportunities and taking other steps towards my ultimate goal of passionate, rewarding work.

— Alexis Ramirez, Sacramento
Felicia Petrone Career Coach Marin County Testimonial March 2009 (after concluding the career coaching process): Through the homework and the sessions, I learned so much about myself and what I wanted and it was exactly what I needed to realize at the time. I am on the way to starting my new career path and couldn't be more excited. And I definitely couldn't have done it without Adrian’s coaching process!

January 2014 (update 5 years later): Everything has been going so well in my career! I am working for a fashion company doing retail operations and buying. I am so glad that I pursued a career in fashion because I really enjoy working in the industry and for my company.

— Felicia Petrone, Marin County
Kay Streit Career Coach Oakland Testimonial To anyone mired in career-oriented uncertainty, I can't recommend Adrian enough. He helped me regain my confidence, reignite my true passions, and get back on the right career path for me. Adrian helped me find the answers I needed. Since March I've received four great career-building opportunities -- but only because I now understand what opportunity looks like to me.

— Kay Streit, Oakland
Alison Allrich Borris Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial I was looking for a career change for about a year and wasn't sure how to go about making the change. I now work for an amazing company and I could not have done it without Adrian's help. Changing jobs/careers can be very stressful and very scary, but Adrian melts away that stress and supports you in a manner that eases anxiety and pushes you to make a change for the good. I can't recommend him highly enough!!

— Alison Allrich Borris, San Francisco
Erik Meldrum Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial I participated in a group career coaching program, and it exceeded all of my expectations! Adrian provides a structure and environment which allows participants to feel valued and supported. Through Adrian's program, I now know what my path is, and how to best stay on that path. The journey will be exciting!

— Erik Meldrum, San Francisco
Gal Szekely Career Coach San Francisco and Palo Alto Testimonial A Path That Fits’ online career coaching program does a great job of combining deeper meaning with real world results. As a marriage counselor and psychotherapist Adrian is my go to resource for clients that need help changing careers. I've seen his coaching process from the inside out and it is powerful, well thought out, and transformative. Not only does he guide people through all of the necessary career focused discovery activities but he also understands how to help people explore their doubts and fears and work through the psychological layers of making a career change. I trust my clients are in good hands with Adrian and his team at A Path That Fits.

— Gal Szekely, San Francisco and Palo Alto, http://thecouplescenter.org
Anne Strand Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial I started with Adrian's online Career Pathfinding Program and absolutely loved it. I had expected the same type of "list your passions", "take this personality test", "take this strengths test" things I had done in the past, but this program was completely different. It had all of those elements, but presented in a completely different way and with all kinds of different exercises and things to read.

What emerged for me is that my passions, strengths and personality are all about writing and storytelling. Adrian helped me see a path forward as a writer and storyteller that fit who I am and that I know I never would have found on my own. It was a relief to finally see this clearly. Adrian has a true gift for guiding, even through rough terrain. Even though there is a long journey ahead of me with this new path, I am so grateful to finally have a direction that is perfect for me.

— Anne Strand, San Francisco
John Garvie Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial Let me just start by saying that Adrian is absolutely fantastic! I started with A Path That Fits when I was looking to make a career change. I had lots of ideas about what I could do next, but I didn't have clarity around what I should do.

Amazingly, it only took a month to see the pieces come together. New opportunities were presented and doors opened that I never would have expected or anticipated. After two months of sessions I was on a clear career path and had a new awesome job offer which I accepted. A Path That Fits worked well for me and I'd recommend it highly to anyone who's looking for a change and willing to do the work to make that change. In my case, it's been an incredible experience.

— John Garvie, San Francisco
Joy Mazzola Career Coach Berkeley Testimonial Adrian helped me rediscover what I knew to be true about myself - things that had been muddled by the expectations of the world. Once that work was done, the path was clear. If you are unsure of the steps that will lead to the life you envision--or better yet, if you don't yet even have a vision--go see Adrian. He is an exquisite coach and guide who will help you purge the garbage that's holding you back, steer you around fears and obstacles, and send you skipping gleefully down your path.

— Joy Mazzola, Berkeley
Donna Sinar Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial. I sought out Adrian's expertise when I was disenchanted with my current nonprofit position and wasn't sure whether to try and fix it, search for new employment or pursue a Master's degree. He helped me tap into my core dreams (which had gotten lost in self-doubt and “I can'ts”) and uncovered a confidence and new direction. Ultimately, I decided to go back to school. This fall I started classes at my #1 choice school and everyday my dream continues to be realized. Thank you, Adrian!

— Donna Sinar, San Francisco
Fiachra 'Figs' O'Sullivan Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial Adrian is a rare gem. He is an extremely dedicated career coach with a depth of knowledge unsurpassed within his field. Adrian understands the career coaching process from a holistic point of view - Mind, Body and Soul. His ability to work with people on such a deep level, yet precisely focused on the task at hand - career guidance, makes Adrian my trusted resource for clients who need career coaching (I am a psychotherapist). I cannot recommend Adrian and his team highly enough for all those looking for career coaching, career guidance, or in the search for 'a path that fits.'

— Fiachra 'Figs' O'Sullivan, Marin County and San Francisco, www.therapywithfigs.com
Elaine Lim Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial I first sought out a career life coach at a time when I was “successful” but left feeling unfulfilled and at a loss for purpose. I had a great job, a partner who I loved, and it seemed like life was really coming together - at least on paper.

But I recognized a quiet feeling of doubt over my life decisions and path. Over the course of only a couple months or so, Adrian guided me a journey of self-discovery. He helped me dig deeper and get to know myself better. He encouraged me to take a look at my fears and stop holding myself back because of them.

This month, I started a new job as a writer for my favorite brand! And that's just one thing... I now deal with uncertainty better than before, and I'm more equipped to face - even embrace - the unexpected.”

— Elaine Lim, San Francisco
I have been working with Adrian over the last couple years. The experience has been an absolute pleasure, and very productive. It's well worth the investment...the time and money devoted to this has paid for itself multiple times over. Since seeing him, my salary has increased 50%!

When I started seeing him I was in a career slump. I was in a middle management position at a large company and hadn't been promoted in years. The lack of movement in my career had a huge impact on my confidence and I wasn't pursuing new opportunities. I didn't think I was capable of getting the job I really wanted. After speaking with Adrian just a couple times, I realized I had to take action. He made me realize that the issue wasn't me, it was my situation. I got the confidence to speak to my boss about the issues and resign. The company urged me to stay, giving me a huge retention bonus and plan for promotion. I took it as it wasn't the perfect time to leave my job due to other life priorities. Later, I received the promotion and big salary increase. Then, my dream job came my way and I had the confidence and clarity to seize the opportunity. I have moved on to become a top executive at a smaller company in an industry I am super passionate about. So far, all is going very well there too. My colleagues are excited about my ideas and contributions.

Adrian has been invaluable at helping me take action, build confidence, stay true to who I am and go after my dreams. Thank you Adrian!

– Helen, San Jose
I work in the legal field and signing up for Adrian's career coach program was the BEST decision I have made in a very long time.

Bottom line is: Adrian truly wants you be successful and happy.

BEFORE: I always liked my job and what I do, but felt stuck because I was not growing at all. So I started the program with Adrian thinking that I needed to find a different career. Nope. It became clear that my own behavior kept me from getting where I wanted to be. Sucks to hear it at first. But Adrian helped me to identify bad patterns that caused my unhappiness at work, gave me tools to change them, and "homework" here and there to apply the tools he taught me.

AFTER: I stayed at my job, but improved in ways I never thought were going to happen for me - a temporary transfer abroad that I always wanted to get, but was not considered for; more confidence in my work product, which led others to have more confidence in me and to give me more responsibilities; more fun and better relationships with coworkers; spending more time on projects that will further my career by learning to sometimes say no to projects that won't teach me anything; and leaning how to ask for things in a reasonable manner, instead of waiting for someone to offer it to me first.

I am happy where I am at now. Thank you so much, Adrian!

– Tara, San Francisco
I did a fair amount of research and had actually met with another coach before I met with Adrian, and I cannot overestimate the huge impact he has had on my career and personal relationships ever since.

I immediately felt that there was something different about Adrian's process and that he had a natural instinct/talent few people possess.

When I first started working with Adrian I felt like there was something missing, some loss of meaning in my career. He helped me rediscover things about myself that I had never explored or known, which really reinvigorated my entire approach to not only my work but my entire life. It turned out that my existing career was a good fit but my relationship to it needed work. Adrian helped me rediscover my passion for it and refocus on the parts of my work that were most meaningful to me.

Then through life coaching he helped me get in touch with my values and my vision of what a fulfilling life looks like for me. He also helped me work with my inner critic and get in touch with my best self.

It's all made a big difference in my life. I'm more settled in myself and excited about everything. I feel that the effort to improve myself has been one of the best investments I could have made!

– Eric, San Diego
Adrian is a master coach, plain and simple. I'm a coach myself, and I only turn to the best for help when I need it. Adrian's combination of intelligence, presence, passion and genuine care make for a very powerful mix. He knows his stuff and is a highly skilled guide. I got so much out of working with him and look forward to more. Hire him now while he still has some space in his schedule, I doubt he will for very long!

– Roni San Francisco Bay Area
I went to Adrian many years ago when I had been out of school and working for 2 years. I was pretty squeamish about paying for a career counselor because I wasn't totally yet convinced about the benefit. He told me very early that he felt that my calling was working and making sense of data. I was really young, inexperienced, and not ready to hear it. So after a couple sessions, I stopped going.

Many years and several jobs later, I have now re-discovered that he was right all along and that was indeed my calling. It's funny how life is. Though he was right very early on, I still needed to go through the experiential process of self-discovery to come to the same conclusion.

I went to a couple other career counselors after Adrian, including well-renowned ones, but none were anywhere near the caliber that Adrian is.

– Amy, San Francisco Bay Area
Adrian is a very skilled listener and facilitator. I participated in a group career coaching teleclass, and it exceeded all of my expectations! Adrian innately understands when to let go of the reins and allow the power of the group dynamic to drive the dialogue. At the same time, he provides a structure and environment which allows participants to feel valued and supported. Although I haven't yet 'found' the perfect career at the end of my path, through Adrian's work I now know what my path is, and how to best stay on that path. The journey will be exciting- thanks Adrian!

– Eric, San Francisco Bay Area
It would be hard to imagine a better business coach than Adrian. Another review states that Adrian is a "dangerously good listener" and I think that is very well put. Somehow he manages to get to the heart of the matter clearly and precisely but with a relaxed manner that left me anything but anxious. One thing I know about myself is that I don't take criticism well. I often bristle at well meaning suggestions from friends or clients. Adrian is one of those people that has a gift of communication. He is not shy about pointing things out or making suggestions and somehow everything he says comes across without a hint of judgment.

After the second session I enacted a suggestion Adrian made, a major change to my business, which raised my income by 50% and most importantly created built in repeat business.

If you're in San Francisco and looking for a career coach, business coach or life coach, go see Adrian at A Path That Fits.

– Jan, San Francisco Bay Area
Working with Adrian was fantastic. He is patient, and a dangerously good listener. I went to Adrian while I was considering a career change from a large company to starting my own business. Adrian helped me consider all of the options I could pursue. He was able to help me find what I really wanted to do. There is always one thing we want to do. But, we stack clutter on top of it until we can't recognize that is what we truly want anymore. The clutter is often full of our insecurities, fears, and practical considerations. Adrian is able to help you slowly, but surely remove and deal with the clutter until the thing you have been covering up for so long becomes self evident. Afterwards you may wonder how you could have ever thought differently. What you want to do sits before you in plain sight. That moment is beautiful, and I had that moment in my discussions with Adrian. The key is not cluttering it up again. If you do, it's time to go back and see him :).

Thank you Adrian for all of your guidance and support.

– Christopher, San Francisco Bay Area
Adrian is a career coach, and his Business is called "A Path That Fits". He has offices in San Francisco and Berkeley. Before I saw Adrian the first time, I felt a bit pessimistic that I could get the support I needed to take my career to the next level. Upon first meeting him, I felt instantly relaxed. The words I would use to describe him and his style are: kind, confident, knowledgeable, experienced, humble, compassionate, open-minded, grounded and consistently positive; I experienced him embodying all of these qualities throughout each interaction with me. I felt like I was talking with a wise experienced friend. After the first session, and the ones that followed, I was surprised how optimistic I felt. I would recommend Adrian as a resource to anyone who is in a career transition.

– Ivan, San Francisco Bay Area
I found my way to Adrian's door 5 months ago by proxy of being lost. I knew I needed a career shift, but felt paralyzed in weighing what, or where. The seemingly endless options presented by a full restart were not liberating but debilitating. When my baby sister was asked in elementary school what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said, "A fire truck." This seemed an enviable career path compared to my swamp of misdirection.

Enter Adrian and A Path That Fits. Where my alumni association career counselor had whipped out overbearing lists of yet more career options although I already overflowedeth, Adrian started with... me. What was I actually passionate about? What inspired? What rekindled that spark and drive within me? We didn't start with talk about jobs, we started by figuring out what makes me tick. And we found it.

Yes, *we* found it, but also, *I* found it. I wouldn't have done it without Adrian's prompting, patience, encouragement in just the right places, wisdom, and compassion -- but in the end, I came out feeling like I'd had a spark re-ignited, a set of tools re-discovered, a new direction re-carved -- based on accomplishments I'd made, and hence accompanied by a pride and confidence in having done so, and a set of resources to draw on going forward. It wouldn't have happened without his expert guidance, or felt nearly so empowering under a different approach. (Ostensibly, "A Path That Fits" sounded better than "Teach A Man To Fish Life Coaching".)

Have I since won the lotto and am typing this from a dolphin's back off the coast of Tahiti? No. From the outside, my life may actually not look too wildly different. I'm at the same institution (but a place that I loved, and working on recasting my role there), and with a new schedule adjusted to fit in more outside work that I am truly passionate about. The spark has been relit, and it's seeped into all areas of my life -- I'm now in the singing group I'd always wanted to get into, in progress on the larger-scale art project I'd always wanted to pursue -- and it's no exaggeration to say that with this drive rekindled, in nearly every crevice at work and at home my life has at least subtly shifted, from surviving to truly thriving. From the inside, my world is changed from what it was five months ago. The brilliant thing is I can take confidence in knowing that I made that change, but go find the date-stamp of when it all started, and you'll see it was Adrian's brilliance in rekindling and fanning that flame while guiding me along the way.

If you've read this far through a review on career counseling / life coaching it's probably safe to say it's something that you're at least considering. Please, do yourself a favor, consider no longer and go find your path that fits. You've made the right decision.

– Kate, San Francisco Bay Area
I was exhausted by this complicated livelihood business dynamic that came up again and again and AGAIN!

Adrian witnessed and supported an exploration of the ingrained patterns that directly influence how I undervalue myself professionally. He offered very clear forward steps that carried past experiences and patterns into a fresh portrait of what a meaningful career looks like. He is an incredible resource for anyone looking to find a better fit in their career path and does it with such heart, sensitivity and understanding for the subtleties of connection and human relationship.

I highly recommend sitting with this man!

– Joody, San Francisco Bay Area
Adrian is a gifted coach, and I am deeply grateful to have worked with him over the course of several months. He is more than a coach. He is a guide who gives you tools to navigate your unique inner landscape and to listen to the parts of yourself that are wounded or resistant to change, that inner critic, as well as the voice of inspiration. Before meeting with Adrian, I had experienced life-coaching as something somewhat touchie-feely or new-agey. This is not that. This is about untying the internal knots that keep your blocked from your path. You encounter your critic and learn to tame it to be a constructive guide. You encounter past wounds and learn to heal them, and over time, you find yourself changed, strengthened, able to see with better clarity the life you want to live.

– Charlie, San Francisco Bay Area
It has been nearly four years since I walked into Adrian Klaphaak's office looking to find out what a life coach could do for me. I continue to walk into that door on a regular basis even though the original reasons have long been achieved. Adrian has systematically helped me gain the life, freedom, and opportunities that I had only dreamed of. As a life coach, he looks holistically at what I do to make a living, and how I interact with it emotionally. As we've worked together, my career, which had really been a hobby, has come to the forefront, and my life looks the way I thought it always could. Career coaching with Adrian is a process of elimination and inclusion. Adrian has helped me look at my business, compared it with my stated goals, and helped me find a clear path to my goals, eliminating distractions and evasion tactics (a particularly prevalent habit on my part.) With his coaching, I remain surprised not that I reach my goals, but how much more quickly they occur. In a nutshell, getting life coaching with Adrian has been one of the most significant choices I've made in the past five years. I would recommend him, without reservation, to anyone who has questions about their careers and how they are integrated into their life. Business coaching with Adrian has not only helped increase my bottom line, but it's brought my life and passion in music to the forefront of my business, rather than what I was doing evenings and weekends. I remain grateful for his help, and a regular attendee in our sessions

– Jeff, San Francisco Bay Area
My business partner and I decided to hire a coach and Adrian was our choice after interviewing a few folks. His personality and demeanor fit well with ours and over the time we've worked with him, our business has grown and we've seen positive results in our personal lives as well. Definitely would recommend him if your business is stuck and/or you are losing focus or direction.

– Gene, San Francisco Bay Area
I had never considered seeing a life coach or a career coach, but Adrian's coaching helped me greatly in starting my bodywork practice in Berkeley. Starting my own business was something I had wanted to do for a while but hesitated from a lack of know-how and motivation. Having a career coach to guide me through the process was invaluable. He helped me clarify my marketing strategy, the niche I wanted to work with, as well as illuminate the places that I was not gaining any traction. We prepared a business building plan together that helped me launch my practice and connect to the people I wanted to work with as efficiently as possible. Things started to come together for me soon after making a leap of faith and starting my own practice. I have Adrian to thank for his support and expertise. I couldn't think of a better way to get started with your new business. I call Adrian a redwood tree. He has a penetrating focus and is rooted in the clarity needed to guide people to where they want to go in their business and life. See Adrian for some career coaching if you're ready to create your new life.

– Dave, San Francisco Bay Area
Adrian has a unique ability to coach individuals in a way that brings clarity to any life issue one is facing. Very powerful work! If you are looking for life coaching or career coaching, this is the place to begin.

– Jai, San Francisco Bay Area
If you are like most people trying to "figure out" your career path, you feel confused and often feel like you are never going to figure it out. Ever. Also, the word alone comes to mind and the belief that no one else will be able to help you with it. At least that was my experience.

Countless people will tell you what to do but you still feel like you are not getting anywhere and most of their information is not even very helpful. They tell you to take jobs that dont really work for who you are and just make you feel worse about yourself. I am actually cringing writing this because it always felt so awful.

What you may not realize is that there is someone who actually helps people navigate this terrain, can be your guide - holding the flashlight when you want to give up and that by working with him you actually start to get results!

Adrian is the delightful and loving person who will help you bring a big dose of clarity to your career path.

He creates a space for one to start seeing their life and dreams with ease and a possibility that it will actually work out.

TO The part of you that is reading this and doesnt want to suffer another day please contact Adrian at A Path that Fits - SO WORTH IT.

– Nicole, San Francisco Bay Area
Now that 2011 is coming to a close, I looked at the goals I had set for myself with Adrian, both business and personal, and I have met the biggies: amazing boyfriend manifested, specific number of clients booked, website completely overhauled, performing improv theater, and having fun while doing it! Adrian is a gem of a life coach and a business coach, and I love that he is capable of being helpful in all areas, not just one or the other. He has a practical, non-flowery way of nudging without judging. I felt totally accepted and supported by him, and he truly has made a difference for me - we've gone over practical details like web hosting, etc., and I've also gone the other end and got in touch with deeper emotional stuff that was blocking me. I'm not willing to say goodbye to him and will call him for tune-ups in the future. Plus, he's simply an all around gorgeous human being. If you can get time with him, go for it.

– Meaggane, San Francisco Bay Area
I started working with Adrian months before I made a huge change in my career. From our very first phone consultation, I felt his warmth, encouragement, and curiosity in my interests regarding work and career.

For the next few months we met regularly via skype, completed exercises, discussed approaches and next steps. What's amazing about his style is that there is a subtle calmness to his method--one that gives you the space and direction to think, distill, and act with clarity.

I did make my leap of faith, and with every day I am more clear and confident of the path I am on. I think sometimes it helps to speak to someone new & objective who doesn't know your whole life story, and then to work from there to move forward.

I would recommend Adrian and A Path That Fits, and have become a believer in investing in yourself to reach the next level in what we do and how we do it.

– Neetal, San Francisco Bay Area
I have been working with Adrian for almost 2 years and it has changed my life tremendously. He is truly amazing at what he does. I started out working with him because I wanted a more fulfilled life and wanted to become a better person overall. I always knew how much potential I have and how great I could become but had always struggled to bring out the best within me because of my bad habits. I was out of shape, disorganized, uncertain, unfocused, and undisciplined. His methods make you become more aware of yourself and attack those bad habits masterfully. I have learned to work more effectively, find the balance in life, have time to exercise and nurture relationships with good friends. I have found more joy, peace, and happiness in my life since. Adrian is also open to any conversation about anything that matters to you. He will not give me a set of principles but he will rather help me discover the answers within myself, and those answers are impossible to find alone. When any problems or conflicts have arisen internally or externally, Adrian guided me to see these problems from a 3rd angle and attack them with ease. Working with him has significantly saved my time and frustration that drain my energy in life. When you are living a carefree life, you are more motivated, capable and ready to take positive actions. He also guided my through my internships at 2 of the best tech-company and without him, I couldn't have the success I had. I can't recommend Adrian highly enough. He will help you find the better version of you!

– Petch, San Francisco Bay Area
Like a few reviewers here, I never considered seeing a life coach despite feeling in a rut professionally and personally. I was simply skeptical of its benefits. However, a close friend shared some of her experiences with Adrian and I slowly came around.

We started with simple exercises to assess my values and goals. From there, Adrian designed a plan for me: trying new things, being more bold, more open, more proactive, and being able to find that little bit of victory in every failure.

The sessions helped tremendously. I've seen changes in myself and I like them. If you are open to change and are willing to put in the time and effort, Adrian can help set you on a path that fits (pun intended).

– Carter, San Francisco Bay Area
I sought out Adrian's help in the Fall of 2010 but we had to delay working together because he was inundated with clients! I took that to be a good sign of his capabilities. I had been struggling for some time with my personal goals; the only certainty being that I was floundering around in no particular direction and with few, if any, long term plans. My hopes for working with Adrian were to become more in touch with my personal goals and to discover a career/path that fit me. After beginning the coaching process, I quickly became more confident in myself and comfortable captaining the direction of my life. Adrian's process might first appear to resemble school more than career coaching; there are regular assignments that he has you complete, asking thought provoking and introspective questions. I was grateful to have these worksheets because of the continuity it gave our sessions. Even when there was a long break between sessions, I felt motivated by Adrian's assignments to continue exploring. The homework was just the beginning with Adrian. He used the work completed out of session as a launching point for self-study. I always felt as though every moment of our sessions were successful because Adrian cleverly steered it's direction. Even though our goal wasn't always clear, Adrian intuited what would best help me in every situation. I think the successes I had were a direct result of Adrian's incredible ability to hone in on the needs of his client and immediately adjust the course of a session. I recommend Adrian's coaching services to anyone who questions his/her place in the world or who wants further insight into their own path.

– Jonathan, San Francisco Bay Area
I read other reviews about different career coaches and decided to try meeting Adrian after I went on his website, listened to his podcasts and talked with him on the phone for his free consultation. I immediately felt really at ease and comfortable being honest with him about what's been going on with me (both directly and indirectly related to career issues). Adrian was really great and asking the right questions (that were sometimes difficult to answer but always provided clarity) and giving great homework. Yes people, he does make you work outside of the sessions to try and figure out what it is you're really looking for. I amazingly only needed to meet with him a couple of times before I realized that I was actually already on the right path, but meeting with Adrian really solidified that for me and I cannot sing enough praises about him. Highly highly recommend him.

– Rachel, San Francisco Bay Area
I sincerely hope this will provide some insight and information for those doing their research into this. I'd also like to thank all of those that have already written reviews, as they were invaluable in my personal research.

PERSONAL OBJECTIVE FOR CAREER COACHING: Trying to make the next steps in my career in a difficult job market after having completed my Masters degree in my chosen field. I needed someone that could listen carefully to my goals and concerns, while asking the right questions to bring insights into possible solutions; these would be insights I was having a hard time producing by myself. This person needed to be professional, objective, non-judgmental and, most of all, supportive.

THE EXPERIENCE: After a year of researching career coaches in the Bay Area, I finally decided to meet with Adrian for an initial consultation. Upon meeting I was impressed with Adrian's calm demeanor, his ability to clarify and understand what I was looking to accomplish and his directness about how the process would work. Once we started working together, one of the things I particularly appreciated was that Adrian had a structured process for identifying your values, goals and aspirations. This took the pressure off of me to figure out how we could maximize our sessions since I didn't need to produce a structured outline of my own; which makes a huge difference when you're not exactly sure what it is you need to get out of the sessions and your are there looking for answers to questions you've not thought to ask. Having said that, Adrian was very flexible if the session took a different course or an issue presented itself while talking, so there was no need to worry about being locked into a pre-set 'mold' during the session. I personally found this to be very effective and Adrian was always cognizant about bringing the discussion back on point. Additionally, once we had progressed in our sessions Adrian was great about seeing how a particular situation fit into various coaching models. I found these models to be extremely helpful for framing the issue and allowing us to look at it from an objective and analytical point of view. Finally, the magic formula that really brought all of this together and made it work was Adrian's calm, supportive and non-judgmental approach. This allowed me to feel comfortable laying out my concerns and to creatively look for answers.

CONCLUSION: As I'm sure most reading this review are aware, career coaching is not about having someone answer your questions, but about having someone guide you towards your own answers. In this area I honestly feel that Adrian has found his Path That Fits as he is a natural at it. If this is a process you are considering, I'd highly recommend scheduling an initial meeting with Adrian. I wish you all the best in your endeavor!

– Gordon, San Francisco Bay Area
Career help that's effective Working with Adrian was fantastic and helped me tremendously. If you are feeling unfocused and stuck, he will listen to you and provide unbiased insights. His methodology is based upon sorting out your most important values and finding work that centers on them. He gives you homework to complete between visits that relates to where you currently are in your career search. Adrian is a good listener, remembers what you say and is enthusiastic in his assistance. He will however, be honest with you about his perceptions. The career discovery route is primarily your job, and Adrian's role as a coach is to help guide and keep you on track. I was creative and brought more to the project; I made a notebook and did extra homework when I felt it might help the cause. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend talking and getting advice, it was definitely worth it. Coaching helped me to soften my worries and winnow down my ideas into a workable plan. Adrian was very good about being prompt and available for appointments.

– Matt, San Francisco Bay Area
Good things! I first contacted Adrian more than a year ago when I was considering a career transition. From that initial conversation, I was struck by the ease and candor of Adrian's manner and the relaxed tone of our conversation. I felt immediately at ease talking with him, and recognized early on that he is a great listener. Months later, I signed up for Adrian's first ever coaching group convened by teleconference, and it turned out to be the beginning of an important process for me. Through our group interaction under a program led by Adrian, I did the work of defining the values and strengths that are important to who I am as a professional, and began to envision a new job where those values could be more completely reflected. A lot of the work that took place in Adrian's group and in subsequent one-on-one meetings has led me to the new job that I am about to begin. Adrian's process is very much what you make of it as an individual, but for me, it was a great fit and an important catalyst. I know that from time to time, I will continue to check in with Adrian about my working life, because he helps provide a perspective that I find really valuable. If you feel inclined to speak to someone about improving your work life, I would definitely give Adrian a try.

– Jean, San Francisco Bay Area
Adrian is a professional life and business coach who helped me to clarify my core values. He is a wonderful listener and a great "accountability partner." He really helped me to think more deeply about the work that I am blessed to be able to do on behalf of others. In addition, he helped me to identify patterns where I may have become stuck in the past when I attempted to make changes. I attribute a lot of my professional growth and the growth at BYA over the past 12 months to his coaching sessions. I highly recommend Adrian.

– Kevin, San Francisco Bay Area
Life for me has always been a bit of a whirlwind- I'm always extremely busy trying to do a million things and keep commitments to a million people, but without structure or focus. I'm motivated but scattered. I was feeling a bit lost over the past year not sure of how to get to the core of what makes me tick and how to get to the bottom of what I want to focus on and how to leverage the best of what I've got to give. For a while I considered seeing a therapist, but the more I spoke to friends around me, the more they convinced me that I should see a life coach. Adrian came highly recommended to me through a friend. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive as the title life coach always came across a bit new age-y for my liking. Adrian shattered this image for me-I was immediately comfortable talking to him. His process was exactly what I was looking for, there was structure in each session, but room to mold it to what worked best for me. I found that by meeting with Adrian on a regular basis I was became more and more clear on what I wanted not only from a career perspective but life outside of my daily work. By following the steps in his approach as well as taking the time to stop and listen to myself, I really feel that I've gotten clarity in what I want out of my career and personal life. For the first time in my life I have focus!

I must say, it was as if the universe was listening because a lot of things I had been talking about in our sessions started falling into place almost magically after the first few months. I'm almost positive now that there is really something to that concept that if you put it out there and really visualize what you want, you can make it happen. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Thanks Adrian-you're a "Life" saver. ahem, ok bad joke... ;-)

– Melissa, San Francisco Bay Area
Adrian was instrumental in helping me move away from a job that was ultimately not the right fit for me and begin pursuing what is really important to me.

When we first met, I was conflicted because my values were hidden by the expectations I thought I should have for myself. Adrien helped me to sort through all of that and I am now very comfortable separating what I want for me from what I think others may want for me.

When I struggled with where to put my energy, Adrien helped me to prioritize and move forward. I often left his office with complete clarity on how I would approach the next week, month, or year. As supportive as friends and family may be, this unbiased help is not something you can find within your immediate social circle.

Ultimately, the decision to leave my job, uproot my life, and make it the adventure Id been pining for had to come from me. But, my time with Adrian helped me to be confident in my choice, despite doubts and uncertainty. Even now, as I write from Southern Bolivia, I often refer to his teachings when confronted with a decision or an unexpected situation.

If you are on this page reading this review, call him for a consultation. Its free and you will immediately have a taste of what were all talking about! You have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain.

– Eileen, San Francisco Bay Area
I took part in one of Adrian's Career Counseling Groups. Adrian is a great listener, who is astute in bringing out not only what you didn't know, but what you might already know about yourself, yet never put in the right context. In our one-on-one sessions, I always got the sense that he really understood where I was coming from, and if he didn't, he'd ask the right questions to get on the same page. He acted as moderator, and always seemed to strike the right tone to get the most out of each activity.

I was very happy with the results. After taking part in the Path that Fits program, I have a much more clear picture of where I want to go in my career. I'd recommend his services to anyone who needs some help in focusing on a particular direction that's right for them.

– Evan, San Francisco Bay Area
In an exceptionally turbulent time of my life I felt I needed some guidance. Going through a major career change from being employed to starting my own company was a little overwhelming.

Being very skeptic about anything that seemed too much like therapy I started searching for coaching instead and Adrian's website popped up.

It took me a few more weeks before I finally made the call to schedule the initial telephone session. The way Adrian asked questions about what I was hoping to get out of life and career coaching, helped me make the decision to finally schedule my first one-on-one session.

It was the best thing I've ever treated myself to.

Adrian helps me clear the clutter in my brain, figure out my goals, not just for my career path, but also for daily life.

He is excellent in asking questions, and most of the time lets you find your own answers by carefully guiding you along the way.

I know much better now what I want, and what I am capable of, and also to break through blocks by asking myself questions, and carefully examining a complicated situation. I've learned some very valuable tools in just a few sessions. Adrian is my life and career coach, AND my cheerleader. I wouldn't have kick started everything that needed to be done to start my company without him.

If you think you need a little, or a lot, of help, Adrian is the best. Highly recommended.

– Weibke, San Francisco Bay Area
Adrianne is a great guy. He gave me probably the best career advice I could have received at the time but ultimately I realized that it was up to me to make the right path. When thinking about jobs I thought I could never make my interest of photography into a job because I didn't think there could be a steady source of income. But thanks to Adrianne, I went back to my photography internship, worked really hard to launch a website and freelance and decided to go back to school for a certificate in graphic design. I don't know if this will really work out, but I've never felt better about this career path and Adrianne provided great advice to get me back on course when I thought things were pretty low. Best of luck to all who feel lost.

– Alex, San Francisco Bay Area
The group coaching program helped me with clarity about what I want in some aspects of my life. It provided structure, so that I took the time and used the tools and exercises to reflect on what I want, what I can do, what I can learn and what I can do with all of those together. It provided the support, acknowledgment and encouragement from all the members of the group which I think is essential when going down this path. It lessens the struggles and diminishes the demons you have within yourself by giving you an extra push to get you to uncover and recover missing, forgotten, ignored and abandoned parts of our essential self. When these things are addressed, then a path can begin to emerge.

One of the most valuable parts of the coaching process was the incredible insight, encouragement and compassion by Adrian. There was a balance between cheering you on and pushing you to look at the hard, realistic issues. Optimism and Realism were equals. The other valuable part of the coaching process was doing it with other people. I think it was extremely beneficial to hear the difficulties and insights of other group members as they tackled the same issues as I was tackling. The feedback from the other group members was more qualified and had a greater impact than, perhaps, other people in my life who have not been pondering the same concepts and dilemmas.

– Kathleen, San Francisco Bay Area
Adrian has tremendously helped me identify my path and has given me the motivation to go for it. For a very long time, I have had the "stuck" and "i don't know what I am going to do with my life" feeling, however, after taking the 12 week career coaching class with Adrian, I feel like I have a path and a purpose to follow which feels right. He is a great coach who is not only an incredible resource and a guide while the coaching classes are held but he continues to provide support and resources even after the classes are over. Adrian takes his role as a coach very seriously and will help out any possible was he can. I am so happy that I was part of the coaching classes with Adrian. I also learned so much about myself as an individual throughout the courses. recommend him to anyone who truly wants to find their career path.

– Evelina, San Francisco Bay Area
I would highly recommend Adrian & A Path That Fits. I benefited highly from the consultation I had with him on the phone and was amazed how helpful & a great listener he was even in that short space of time. He helped me to get unstuck, put a new plan in place to find work & build my career. I would certainly use his services again if needed & would recommend anybody I know to him.

– Simon, San Francisco Bay Area
I had about six or seven sessions with Adrian. I went to both offices in Berkeley and San Francisco. He is warm, friendly, unassuming, intelligent, cognizant and fully present. He has a way of getting you think about your career life differently through exercises and homework. Yes I did say homework! He encourages you to become fully aware or yourself. He's no guru or mind reader but a person who is excellent at "coaching" you to find yourself and what will most likely work best for you. I fully recommend seeing Adrian you will not be disappointed. He is the first and only career coach I've seen so, Yay! I'm a fan.

– Dave, San Francisco Bay Area
As Adrian's new assistant, I'll give you the behind the scenes take on this man and his practice. He's devoted, organized, and wise beyond words. I would recommend him to guide anyone, from family and friends to the crazy lady outside my apartment.

When I first met with Adrian in February '08 I was working at a job that left me feeling broken down, insecure, confused and in serious need of non-judgmental support and direction. I was in a bad space. Adrian was key to getting me through that stage of life. Our sessions were so fun and filled with powerful tools and exercises for understanding myself and creating a picture of who I want to be.

I only met with Adrian for 2 months but by our last session I had 2 really good job offers for great organizations (and had quit my previous job). My life is back on track and I feel more balanced than ever in my life. My relationship with my fiancé is also stronger and happier now that I am in a job that works with my life.

It has been almost 5 months since I stopped seeing Adrian and I am still using the tools he taught me to make choices and calm myself on those career/life freak out days. It was a great investment. The job I have now is the best I have ever had and is a reflection of so many things that are important to me. I am so forever grateful to Adrian for supporting me through this challenging time, and for making it so much fun!

– Lindsay, San Francisco Bay Area
I have always struggled with putting myself out there to create the kind of life that I truly want. I've met Adrian at a coaching event and after working with him for only 4 months, I am experiencing amazing shifts on so many levels! For the first time in my life, I feel inspired and less fearful to step into my power and follow my vision. My life continues to unfold in unimaginable ways. I also notice how so many people are drawn to me - I guess I am getting my sparks back! I know this is a process and I have ways to go. Adrian has been my biggest mentor. Thank you Adrian!

– Gia, San Francisco Bay Area
In my role on the board of San Francisco Coaches for over 4 years, I have met hundreds of coaches. Adrian is one of the few I would readily recommend. He is compassionate, insightful and grounded.

– Bill, San Francisco Bay Area
Adrian's life coaching is powerful. He is tapped into the source of universal compassion and holds space for your gifts to emerge and be seen. He helps you clear away the shoulds and coulds that cloud your personal vision of purpose, and joy. He speaks to your future self and literally by engaging him you are witnessed in your divinity. This process of reconnecting the neurons of abundance with your heart's true desire allows you to give yourself permission to grow wings, and soar.

– Rosie, San Francisco Bay Area
My work with Adrian has been transformational – not only in my life as it currently stands and in making the decisions I've made since working with him – but in ways that shape who I am, what I do, and where I'm going in the future. I feel more confident in my career, more grounded in my choices, and more comfortable in my skin.

– Lauren, Composer, Berkeley
In less than a year, I went from procrastinating and agonizing over taking my next step, to putting myself out there and succeeding! Adrian is intuitive, positive, and doesn't waste time. His style is a great balance of "lets get things done" and also creative and exploratory. He seems to know when to focus on the concrete goals and when to explore our personal motivations and feelings. Go see him!

– Julia, PhD Candidate, Psychology, Claremont Colleges
Career coaching with Adrian was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Even after our first session I felt like I was moving in a positive direction. I felt that Adrian truly understood what I was looking for in my career quest, and through his insightful questions I was able to discover my true path. He set goals for me to keep me on track in my search, and offered empathetic and honest feedback. In just a few months I was able to make a career switch to the non-profit sector and I have never been happier!

– Tracey, Membership Coordinator at San Francisco Baykeeper
When I first met with Adrian in February '08 I was working at a job that left me feeling broken down, insecure, confused and in serious need of non-judgmental support and direction. I was in a bad space. Adrian was key to getting me through that stage of life. I only met with Adrian for 2 months but by our last session I had 2 really good job offers for great organizations. My life is back on track and I feel more balanced than ever in my life. My relationship with my fiancé is also stronger and happier now that I am in a job that works with my life.

– Amanda, International Development, San Francisco
Adrian always uses our time together extremely well. By the end of each session, we get to the heart of the matter and come out with a plan of action. He maintains tremendous focus on my goals and my feelings about them, without letting the conversation stray or falter. Most importantly, he never imposes any kind of agenda or bias, but faithfully respects my process. I feel safe to make mistakes and move toward difficult issues. Through a series of small and large accomplishments, I find my overall lifestyle developing, my creative life bearing fruit, and my career path moving toward new horizons. As a facilitator or true internal and outward growth, I highly recommend Adrian.

– Kristin Cato, Playwright, Director
I can't recommend Adrian highly enough. I've gone from confused and frustrated in my career to relaxed and purposeful. There's no dogma, no psychotherapy, no advice, just Adrian insisting that I continue to be true to myself by asking me the hard questions and accepting nothing but the truth in a kind and encouraging way. He is always on time, and totally consistent. After every phone call I feel revitalized and excited to continue with my work. Anyone who has questions about how to work in alignment with their heart of hearts could benefit from working with him.

– Rachel, Professional Dancer, Oregon
Adrian has tremendously helped me identify my path and has given me the motivation to go for it. For a very long time, I have had the "stuck" and "I don't know what I am going to do with my life" feeling, however, after taking the 12 week career coaching group with Adrian, I feel like I have a path and a purpose to follow which feels right.

– Eve, Future HR Specialist, San Francisco
To anyone mired in career-oriented uncertainty, I can't recommend Adrian enough. In just three sessions, he helped me regain my confidence, reignite my true passions, and get back on the right career path for me. Since March (when Adrian and I started working together) I've received four great career-building opportunities.

– Kay, Creative Entrepreneur, Fashion Design Teacher
Faced with the worst economy in memory and the need to make a change, I reached out to Adrian for support based on his Yelp reviews and the content on his website. While both provide some insight into Adrian's skill and character, neither can do justice to the experience of working with this great man.

In a fearful time, Adrian coached me to find a new job in today's intensely competitive marketplace. The position matches my desires and needs. In my case, I did not make a major career change. I found a new job that capitalizes on my work experience and now I will show up as my fullest self. More importantly, we worked on recognizing patterns throughout my career and life that were destructive and came up with real world techniques to expand past them. Adrian's life coaching has been worth every penny.

– Peter, Project Manager, San Francisco
In 2006, I hired Adrian as my life coach and career coach to help me find a new career path that would be a better fit for me. Adrian's career coaching helped me clarify my strengths and values and develop a vision of my ideal career. I finished up that round of career coaching after successfully finding a career path (and a job) that I still love three years later.

I hired Adrian for a second time about six months ago, this time as my business coach, with the intention of taking my career to the next level (the first time I worked Adrian as my career coach to help me find the right career path for me). The "Next Level" business coaching process helped me do just that. We started out by creating a clear vision for the next phase of my career that would inspire and challenge and engage me more fully. Next, we outlined a strategic plan, identified keys to success and translated it into action items. I now know where I want to go in my career and how to get there. Coaching has also improved my daily effectiveness and efficiency - I make more calls, have better time management skills, and I am more productive overall.

Adrian is an incredibly supportive business coach and career coach, but he also challenges me to stretch beyond what I would ordinarily do on my own. It works.

– Nils, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Oakland
I started the career coaching process burnt-out by a corporate career that felt meaningless and restrictive. I knew it wasn't the right thing for me but I didn't know what else I could be doing that would be a better fit. A Path That Fits' clear-minded and distinct career and life coaching approach led me to find a way to apply my personal passions and strengths combined with my professional ability towards a career that realizes my full potential as a complete human being. I am excited (an at times scared) about my new career direction and life path, and confident that it is the right thing for me. I have already had an internship and started taking post baccalaureate classes. It feels natural and authentic.

– Natalie, Sustainability Consultant, Oakland
When I began working with Adrian last fall, I had an idea about what I wanted, was in need of clarity around it, belief in it, and direction toward it. Adrian helped me rediscover what I knew to be true about myself - things that had been muddled by the expectations of the world. Once that work was done, the path was clear. Our sessions ended after a few months, and I left with a shining picture of my most wonderful self, a definitive plan (complete with a time line), and total confidence that my dream would be fulfilled. I felt light, free, and giddy - so much so that I danced a little jig in the street. It was weird. =)

If you are unsure of the steps that will lead to the life you envision--or better yet, if you don't yet even HAVE a vision--go see Adrian. He is an exquisite life coach and guide who will help you purge the garbage that's holding you back, and steer you around fears and obstacles until your goal is clearly in view. He is a fountain of wisdom, patience and compassion, with the resources and know-how to unstick the stuckness and send you skipping gleefully down YOUR path.

– Joy M, Life Coach, Berkeley
Adrian is much more than what you will read about in his business description - beyond life coach / career coach, he is a life-changer. He has the ability to open his clients up in a way that allows them to look deep within at previously hidden truths to discover their true selves. In his very safe and natural manner, he brings to light the questions we must ask to get us on our path. Above all, he is patient, insightful, engaging and incredibly passionate about what he does.

– Lana, Business Development Executive, Los Angeles
He's been helping me with my work ethic for about a year and a half now. This is seriously one of the best investments you can ever make for yourself. I don't know what id be doing now if it wasn't for him. I mean sure I'd still be in college trying to do my best but it wouldn't be the VERY best. I wouldn't have the standards I have now. This guy really helped me raise my standards. Freaking love this guy. Seriously a life changing investment.

– Lori Goodrich, Academy of Art Student, San Francisco
Adrian was very quick to grasp what I thought to be 'my unique, complex situation'. He has a way of getting through RAPIDLY to the pertinent issues in order to form a strategy for developing solutions. I was pleased how quickly we moved from analysis to working on decision-making. What inspired me about Adrian is that he is very realistic and balanced, while offering confidence building and motivation. Adrian will help you see that you can be, do, or have what will bring you joy in your work. Oh and PS will help you get there :)

– Tomi Barton, Marketing Strategist, Marin
After helping me identify what direction I wanted to go in life, my business partner and I hired Adrian to be our business coach to help us identify what exactly we were hoping to get out of our new business and form a game plan to accomplish it all. We have now made more progress in the last two months by working with Adrian than in the last year before him! Seriously every time we leave a meeting with him we feel a strong sense of accomplishment and completely energized and clear about the tasks at hand.

– Lyle Barton, Global Business Development @ Mission Workshop
I have traveled down many paths searching for one that fits. Adrian helps me realize, and remember when I forget, that my path exists for me as I create it, it's something that comes from within and is uniquely expressed by me to the world. The courage and strength I call on to take each step towards my goal is evolving buoyed by Adrian's incredible inquiries and transformational challenges. I literally googled "Life Coach San Francisco" and called A Path That Fits. I am incredibly grateful that I did!

– Abby, Business Coach, Marin
With Adrian's guidance, I reconnected to my creativity. Over the years, I've given up: ruled creativity out as something I wasn't "good at" or "meant to do." Adrian helped me understand my creative process, to untangle the frustration of aimless bouncing between hobbies, to reconnect to my passions, and to set goals I never thought were possible. Thanks to Adrian, I now am active in two creative endeavors, each with increasing success. (Just had my first show yesterday.)

– Miriam, Artist and Teacher, San Francisco
Adrian helps me sort out the opportunities before me and decide what is the best fit for ME - not anyone or any factor around me. He helps me to feel confident in my decisions and pushes me to make practical moves towards meeting my goals. I always leave our meetings with a sense of clarity and renewal.

– Eileen Roche, Advertising Producer and Freelance Photographer, San Francisco
I recently lost my job and started questioning some other important things in my life. e.g. Where do I want to spend it? I was not stressed about the job. It was more to do with where am I in my personal life and was I hitting the goals that are most important to me. Luckily, I found Adrian (on Yelp) and now my life is back on track. We assessed my values and even rated each one and had a full discussion about them. It was incredible that after a few visits that I feel like I am headed in the right direction now. I highly recommend Adrian. He is so easy to speak with and does a fantastic job coaching!!

– Bethany, Medical Sales, San Francisco
It was so nice to work with a life coach like Adrian. He is an amazing listener, gives great advice and is extremely kind and honest. Adrian has such a down to earth personality, it was almost like I was receiving advice from a friend instead of a career coach. Through the homework and the sessions, I learned so much about myself and what I wanted and it was exactly what I needed to realize at the time. I am on the way to starting my new career path and couldn't be more excited. And I definitely couldn't have done it without Adrian!

– Felicia, Fashion Designer, San Francisco
Working with Adrian during a very important transitional time in my life was one of the best decisions I've ever made. More than an insightful, intelligent and intuitive coach, sitting in the presence of Adrian you cannot help but to be soothed and inspired by his kind thoughtful nature, unwavering attention and commitment to you achieving your goals, his level of professionalism and overall peaceful spirit. Every time I enter and leave his office I feel like my heart has been blown open and my passion for finding my path ignited! I would highly recommend working with Adrian to anyone who is looking to grow, live their best life, unearth their unique gifts, clarify and ground their passions, path and purpose!

– Shayna, Psychotherapist, San Francisco
Time spent with Adrian is a really good investment. I've been working with him for only a short time but I'm already seeing results and having more confidence and control in my life. Since this is all easier said than done, Adrian gives me 'homework assignments' to work on between sessions that help me step out of my box and actually practice the skills that I need to get me on the right path. It's all very action oriented and, even after my first session with him, I found that I was stepping out of my box and getting the results I wanted! There is not one wasted moment with Adrian. His approach is to the point and very solution oriented... you will feel like the person that you always wanted to be in no time!

– Christine, Fashion Designer and Teacher, San Francisco
I would highly recommend working with Adrian. His presence in my life over the past 8 or so months has been illuminating. I generally walk into his office feeling anywhere from ok to low, stressed to complacent; I leave his office feeling almost enlightened, with new insight into my world and more so into my self. I also feel encouraged, as if anything is possible.

– Amie, Sustainability Consultant, San Francisco
Adrian helped me to examine what it was that I really wanted, and how to visualize that experience so that it was achievable and not so intimidating. His exercises helped to show me who I was… it gave me a new sense of gratitude and confidence within myself. If I could describe Adrian in two words they would be: positive light. This is exactly what he was in my life, a positive light that helped me to see what I could have, how I could get it, and what my life would be with it.

– Natalie Taylor, USF Student
What would I do without Adrian? After quitting a miserable attorney position, I started down the path of self-assessment, and would probably still be walking in circles and chasing my own tail if it wasn't for Adrian's insightful guidance and direction. I recommend his services to everyone I meet who is at a cross-roads in life.

– Ava, Non-Profit Development Consultant, Los Angeles
I'm not going to waste your time or bandy with words. If you think you need a coach, someone who can cut through the BS and help you realize your potential, I would highly suggest you give Adrian a call. I have undergone amazing changes in my life. Adrian has helped me give voice to some of my longest held beliefs and dreams, and gotten me on a plan to realize them.

– Jeffrey, Musician, Alameda
I have been working with Adrian since about Nov 07. I can say it continues to be one of, if not the best, investments I have made. Adrian has offered me guidance and encouragement through this time in my life where I am trying to chase my dreams while also trying to survive. This is not an easy balance and often I feel frustrated. I highly recommend Adrian if you are young person confused about what you want from life and trying to find your authentic voice.

– Erin, Personal Trainer, Oakland
Working with Adrian was fantastic and helped me tremendously. If you are feeling unfocused and stuck, he will listen to you and provide unbiased insights. His methodology is based upon sorting out your most important values and finding work that centers on them. He gives you homework to complete between visits that relates to where you currently are in your career search. Coaching helped me to soften my worries and winnow down my ideas into a workable plan.

– Matthew, Garden Designer and Landscape Architect, Berkeley
Adrian has been instrumental in changing my life!!! He was always patient, intuitive, supportive and helped me move forward on the seed of an idea I always had in my mind, but felt "silly" for acting on. The visualization work we did together was so powerful and revealing about who I am, that once you uncover that knowledge, it's hard not to eventually find the path that fits!!! Adrian is the best life coach around, and anyone not feeling completely fulfilled in their current life and career owes it to themselves to contact him today!!!

– Susan, Sales Vice President, San Francisco
I was looking for a career change for about a year and wasn't sure how to go about making the change. When I found Adrian at A Path that Fits, I knew right away he would help me make the move to a career that works for me and my lifestyle. Changing jobs/careers can be very stressful and VERY scary, but Adrian melts away that stress and supports you in a manner that eases anxiety and pushes you to make a change for the good. I now work for an amazing company and I could not have done it without Adrian's help. I can't recommend him highly enough!!

– Alison, Marketing Director, San Francisco
Adrian is a gentle guide and life coach who reframes your own words so that you understand yourself better, and is adept at asking just the right questions to catalyze growth and spur self exploration. Additionally, his youth is an enormous advantage because he doesn't have an old school mindset regarding career paths. I have already referred him to friends and my husband - what a wonderful experience it was to work with Adrian.

– Jenn, Criminologist, Berkeley
I am in the middle of trying to find a job and began working with Adrian Klaphaak about a month ago. I needed a career coach who could help me address the lack of motivation that was holding me back. I was not being at all productive. Adrian helped me develop the sense of confidence that has enabled me to become more productive. I feel happier now that I have a full plate of things that I am doing to improve my situation, and have already been more successful at turning leads into interviews. I look forward to each session with Adrian because I know that it will leave me feeling even more empowered. Adrian is a skilled career coach who has helped me adopt a new way of thinking.

– David, Product Marketing Specialist, San Francisco
According to Yelp, we're the top rated career coach and life coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also coach clients in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and beyond.
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A Path That Fits is a career coaching and life coaching company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've created a unique online career coaching ecourse that offers a soulful and practical step-by-step process to help people find the right career. We have career coaches and life coaches available to see clients in person in San Francisco and in Berkeley and Oakland in the East Bay. Some clients travel to San Francisco from San Jose and Palo Alto in the South Bay, as well as from Marin. We also have many clients outside of the San Francisco Bay Area that participate in our online career coaching ecourse in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Adrian Klaphaak is the founder of A Path That Fits and the head career coach. Daniel Fine is a partner and the head life coach. We look forward to helping you find your path!
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