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Case Studies

Coaching for Corporate Teams & Organizations

These case studies are honest and accurate summaries of the work we have done with organizations and teams. Names have been omitted to preserve confidentiality.

Manager creates accountability structure to maximize individual contributions
Feeling pressure to increase sales in a shaky economy, a sales team leader needed a way to help his individual team members perform at their peak. We put together a peak performance coaching program that identified the core competencies of star performers and the daily success practices necessary to fulfill each core competency. Team members walked away knowing what to do to perform above expectations and with a concrete accountability structure and set of tools to keep them in alignment.

Group visioning process boosts morale and leads to top sales performance in the country
A newly promoted sales manager was appointed to lead a team that had been poorly managed for years and was suffering from low morale. Through coaching we facilitated a group visioning process that created investment from all team members in a shared vision. Team members felt inspired and engaged in the process of building the team. The team went on to be the highest performing team by sales revenue in the nation-wide company.

Partners overcome communication challenges
A group of real estate entrepreneurs encountered communication problems that jeopardized the opening of a high profile office. Through team coaching we identified the cause of their communication problems and facilitated a deeper understanding of how to work together effectively. The partners connected behind a shared vision, defined roles based on their strengths, and successfully opened their new branch.

Sales team has a breakthrough
After months of coming close but not reaching their monthly goal, the president wanted to give his team additional inspiration. We brought the team members together and created a space for them to reconnect to their deepest motivations and envision the desired outcomes. As a team, they explored the places they were stuck, identified the keys to success, and created an accountability structure that they owned and eagerly implemented. The team broke their sales goal for the first time the following month..

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