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You're stuck. You want to feel inspired and engaged again. You know it's possible but you need some help reclaiming your confidence and implementing the changes you want to make.

We can help you feel alive and confident by bringing your life into alignment with your values, strengths, and purpose.

Our "Authentically Alive" life coaching program has three foundational elements:

Part 1: Authentic Alignment
We do this by discovering your values, strengths, and life purpose and using those discoveries to align your life with who you are and what you want. Authentic alignment is the foundation for setting meaningful goals.

Part 2: Deepening Your Confidence
Together we develop a sense of who you are at your best and who you can be when using all of your potential. We will expose the limiting beliefs and doubts that are holding you back and apply proven tools and techniques to help you move through these limitations.

Part 3: Aliveness
Aliveness emerges when you set authentic goals and use your regained confidence to create the changes you want. Life feels good again.

Want more information? We are happy to answer all of your questions and explain our life coaching process in much more detail. Sign up for a FREE LIFE COACHING CONSULTATION to explore whether coaching is right for you. You can also read the following program description.

Authentically Alive - Life Coaching Program Description

Who Is It For?

This program is intended for people that are sick of living below their potential and want to create an inspiring life. You might be:
  • Feeling stuck, unfulfilled or lost
  • Second guessing yourself, your decisions, and your path
  • Less confident and powerful than you know you can be
  • Restless and starting to ask yourself, “Is this it?”
  • Hungry to play a bigger game

Program Goals

We have three goals for anyone that participates in this program:
  1. You come alive and reengage in your life
  2. learn about yourself and discover your authentic essence
  3. You build a solid foundation and the self-confidence to be successful in anything that you choose
    to do

Our Philosophy

We believe that you have a unique life path that maximizes your potential for happiness and success. Finding this path and living it enables you to express your natural gifts and come alive in your own authentic way.

Program Structure

The program follows a basic structure that is individually customized to meet you where you are.

I. Self-Discovery Is The Foundation
  • Clarifying your core values, discovering your authentic essence and purpose.

II. Clarifying What You Want
  • Creating a vision for your life that is aligned with your values, essence and purpose.

III. Authenticity & Confidence
  • Taking action to bring your values, essence and purpose alive in your life
  • Tapping into your own authentic and confident way of being

IV. Moving Through Doubt
  • Identifying the places that you get stuck, hold back and limit yourself
  • Gaining a new perspective on your doubts and fears
  • Providing tools and techniques to move forward with greater confidence

V. Setting Goals
  • Goals flow naturally out of a solid foundation and a clear vision.
  • Goals create a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.

VI. Structure
  • Creating a daily and weekly structure that supports all of the above
  • Customizing the structure so that it really works for you
  • Bringing balance to your life and work

VII. Accountability, Support, and Motivation
  • On ongoing relationship with a neutral but caring coach that is committed to your growth, success and fulfillment.

How Do You Know If This Program Is Right For You?
Sign up for a FREE LIFE COACHING CONSULTATION. The consultation is an opportunity for you to explain your situation, get your questions answered, and for us to explain our coaching process.
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