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Our speaking engagements and talks are highly interactive and experiential, and always customized to meet the needs of the audience. We engage all participants by leading small group activities and self-directed exercises. Participants walk away with actionable knowledge and a customized structure to support change in their life, career or business.

All of the following topics can be delivered in a short talk or in-depth workshop, depending on the needs of your organization and the people you serve.

Topics include:
  • How to find a path that fits
  • How to create more fulfillment in your current career
  • How to perform at your peak
  • How to discover and utilize your strengths
  • Presence: Acting in the moment
  • The art of listening
  • Embracing the elder within

We have held presentations and workshops in the US, Europe and Asia at schools and universities, corporations, small businesses, associations and clubs, non-profits, churches, and networking events. Please contact us to discuss the needs of your organization.

Testimonials for our Workshops and Talks

"It is a wonderful experience to trust your instincts! Daniel has the mental power and Spirit to know how to create an atmosphere of security and confidence, he also knows how to read people and how to lead them beyond the limit of certainty. It is quite an experience to be guided by Daniel's safe and steady hands. I was impressed and surprised by how much he got out of me during this workshop."
– Sten Wiktorsson, Head of Stockholm Health and Medical Services, Sweden

Adrian is able to offer the best of both worlds... he is young enough to relate to the students and have their trust yet his maturity and experience give him a command of the class that takes most people years to achieve. His insights were eye-opening. He was able to provoke a level of reflection and critical thinking that is rare among students.
– Jennifer Dolan, Teacher, Marin County

"I learned to expose my truths and vulnerabilities and acknowledge them in a safe, loving environment. The workshop gave me courage to let go of my need to constantly please. I was amazed that I learned to tap into my emotions and act on my instincts without thinking, filtering, censoring. I know that I am more courageous and truthful because of Daniel Fine."
– Melissa Remer, Chicago

"Having Adrian speak to our membership was a highlight. He got our group thinking about their path in life and ignited meaningful thoughts in everyone. The Hospitality Management Association highly recommends Adrian."
– Jessica Johnson, President, Hospitality Management Association

"Daniel Fine's medium is people. He shapes them, cajoles them, and in the utmost of understatement, reminds them to go back home to their truest nature."
– Roy Spungin, PhD, New York

"One of the students remarked the next day, 'Our guest speaker rocked!'"
– Michael Collins, Teacher, San Francisco
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