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Amir Kia

Executive Coach, Specializing in the "Achieve Mastery" Coaching Program

Adrian Klaphaak, Certified Career, Business, and Life Coach I've been shaped by multiple cultures, real world experience, and a steadfast spiritual practice. An entrepreneurial itch led to building a company with my two brothers after graduating from Wharton. The company grew from 6 to 400 assisted living units with a staff of 200+. With it, I found my role evolving from hands-on care to eventual CFO and CEO, funding $115 million in new developments while keeping a close pulse on the way we cared for our residents and those serving them. This daily engagement with changing human conditions, bodies, and emotions, has shown me what it means to listen, be present for someone and simply, to notice. For me, one acknowledgement of this work has been receiving the American Society on Aging's National Award for Excellence.

My work and a personal sense of spiritual stalemate led me deeper to the core questions of meaning and purpose, taking me to the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley where I studied and taught. Though some answers remain elusive, I have deep appreciation for the different paths of self-discovery and fulfillment we seek, each in our own unique way and rhythm. I have seen this first-hand in the time I have devoted at the county jail as the spirituality and communications facilitator, supporting a diverse population of men and women to navigate the metaphorical walls we all seem to build from time to time.

Life coaching complements my active life. I stay engaged with people and in business as a founding Principal of Spirit Living Group where I develop, operate and invest in senior housing communities. I also provide financial consulting to one of the largest non-profit organizations in California and serve on the board of a graduate school as vice-chair. Travelling is in my blood and allowed me to meet my Swiss wife in southern Egypt while cruising the Nile, making French a distant 4th language after English, Farsi and Spanish. Daily prayer and meditation are key practices for me. I dance tango with great enthusiasm and little threat of turning pro, engage my playful side through improvisational theater and can laugh endlessly at the spontaneous humor of Candid Camera. I also love nature and walked the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage along the northern coast of Spain, hiking 850km in 30 days, just before turning 40.

Business and life coaching are my focus. I support the different areas of your life holistically and engage the body, emotions, and thoughts together. Coaching sessions are practical, applicable and focused on reaching your outcomes while deepening your spiritual essence and inspiring you to lead on your own. My coaching is forward moving and results oriented. I believe lasting change is possible and can be achieved quickly, especially when you commit to the process. My coaching expands your resources, creates choice and balance when you feel stuck, and builds self-awareness, confidence and trust, especially when dealing with obstacles and overcoming fear.

I believe surprising outcomes are created when you connect with your higher self and am guided by Eckhart Tolle's words that "awareness is the greatest agent for change". I work with individuals in transition, business executives, entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as corporate leaders and teams with performance goals. In terms of the nuts-and-bolts, I’m a certified life coach, NLP master practitioner, certified motivational coach, weight loss master coach, and social and emotional intelligence coach, in addition to my various educational degrees.

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